SkyTOP Technologies Ltd.

Leveraging Technology to Empower Generations

Leveraging Technology to Empower Generations

Skytop Technologies Ltd. is a software innovation company whose core business is the development of software solutions for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industries.

Our solutions seek to enhance the adoption and use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software programs by professionals, trainers and students. Our aim is to make professionals and students around the world become passionate and skilled in Autodesk AutoCAD and other CAD products.

SkyTOP has also initiated Innovative Mobile Applications (Smart-Apps) to aid the Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors monitor Performance Indices with a view to enhancing Efficiencies and reducing Maintenance Costs, thereby improving productivity.

Innovative Products

Our Premiere Products


mCarFix APP

mCarFix App is a cutting-edge Technology Solution that empowers car owners, garages, auto-part dealers and mechanics to take charge of their vehicle repair and costs. The application allows users to access authorised garages and auto part dealers, as well as find information on how various part of their cars function.


  • CAR PART: With this feature, users can identify and purchase a particular car part. It also avails the specific part’s image, where it’s located within a vehicle, its related functionalities, ‘How to Fix’ and ‘Remove’ it during repairs. It also enlists possible types of damages associated with it when spoilt.
  • HOW TO FIX: Enable the system user to search for videos specific to a particular car part, and provide information on how to assemble and fix its problems.
  • PROBLEM/SYMPTOM: Allow users to diagnose/troubleshoot a particular problem being experienced in their cars.


DemosCAD is a skills-based application built around Autodesk AutoCAD software to equip potential and current users of the software with skills that let them realize their design ideas.

  • Similar Interface to that of AutoCAD making it easy to replicate a design from the demonstration.
    When you click on any command tool in DemosCAD, it instantly demonstrates how to carry out a task with that tool in Autodesk AutoCAD software.
  • Each of the tools in DemosCAD contains a project file that is linked to Autodesk AutoCAD software so that users may try out similar tasks with AutoCAD software.
A demonstration of Autodesk Autocad commands and tools

DemosCAD®  LT

A computer illustration of Skytop Demoscad LT
DemosCAD LT is a skills-based application built around Autodesk AutoCAD software to equip high school students interested in pursuing technical courses such as Architecture, Design or Engineering with AutoCAD skills that are now critical for those who join University to pursue those courses.
  • The Interface  is similar to that of Autodesk AutoCAD software and let students utilize the tools of Autodesk AutoCAD software without getting stranded.
  • While the tools in Autodesk AutoCAD execute design commands, similar tools in DemosCAD LT execute ‘demo’ command tasks.
  • Project Demos; DemosCAD LT also contains sample tutorials on how to carry out design projects using multiple Autodesk AutoCAD tools and commands.

Some of Our Clients

University of Nairobi
Kenyatta University
Kisii Tech

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