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About mCarFix

mCarFix App is a cutting-edge Technology Solution that empowers car owners, garages, auto-part dealers and mechanics to take charge of their vehicle repair and costs. The application allows users to access authorised garages and auto part dealers, as well as find information on how various part of their cars function. The App’s ability to connect users to experts from anywhere, any time in very easy steps; is what makes mCarFix a game changer solution in the automobile industry.

Introducing mCarFix

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Benefits of mCarFix

Verified & Accredited Service Providers

Problem: The current market situation has motorists having to endure quack mechanics, substandard and fake autoparts

Solution: mCarFix links you up with verified mechanics, garages and authentic autopart dealers who provide professional, quality services.

Buy authentic parts at their actual price
Analyses and Predicts possible faults
Car History Information
Analysis of Spare Part Life Spans
Registration of semipermanent and temporary car details
Connecting Motorists to Authentic Dealers
The App seeks authorization for Purchases
Connecting you to a trustworthy helper
Recommends highly rated service providers.
Minor repairs demonstration
Reliable Services
Future Planning