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Skytop CiSA

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SkyTOP CiSA is an AutoCAD-based product developed by SkyTOP Technologies to engage, inspire and capture the hearts and minds of the young generation in order to get them proficient and passionate about using CAD applications. CiSA v 1.0 is an introductory release designed to create awareness about CAD applications in schools.
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CiSA (CAD in Schools-Africa) is an awareness program initiated by SkyTOP Technologies Ltd. to inspire and capture the hearts and minds of the young generation in order to get them proficient and passionate to use CAD products. The program targets those who aspire to become architects, designers, engineers, builders, etc.

The CiSA program involves:

  • Holding discussions with policy-makers and stake-holders both in government and outside of government with a view to devising a framework that facilitates the program’s penetration into schools. These include relevant ministries responsible for secondary education or curriculum developers such as Institutes of Curriculum Development (ICDs) and the Directorates of Science and Technology (DSTs).
  • Engaging and interacting with School Managers and Principals with a view to finding out their level of preparedness in as far as the adoption of the CiSA program is concerned. This may include establishing whether the concerned school has a well equipped computer laboratory.
  • Engaging with teachers, students and parents through their respective organizations, e.g. Parents-Teachers-Associations (PTAs) with a view to spreading awareness about and importance of CAD technologies in the teaching and learning processes. Product demonstration, case studies and video presentations form part of these discussions.
  • The CiSA program also includes the CiSA software- a product that not only showcases the many things that CAD tools are used for by professionals in the industry but also demonstrates the capabilities of Autodesk® AutoCAD® software and instances where various tools and commands of the software can be applied in real life.

The CiSA program may also involve training. Where requested, SkyTOP Technologies Ltd arranges for an on-campus two-hour per day weekly group training outside of the normal school time table.

CiSA has been recommended as a noble course by such institutions as UNESCO and Vision 2030 (Kenya), and described as an idea in sync with the changes envisioned in the proposed education reforms and the Kenya Constitution 2010The ultimate goal of the CiSA program is to see school-going children in Africa and other developing countries become masters of their destiny through constant exposure to modern learning tools that foster critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

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