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Software Security Manager

SkyTOP Technologies LTD is seeking a developer to join SkyTOP’s Security team. You will be responsible for designing, building and deploying systems to protect SkyTOP against Information Security Threats. A successful candidate for this job enjoys a challenge and will work with the security staff to build systems that will protect SkyTOP infrastructure against attacks. 


Are you motivated, self-driven, and passionate about your work. You perhaps enjoy coming up with innovative ideas to solve complex security problems. You are often compelled to write tools for the greater good. You wrote your first C code in 5th grade and enjoy working on the travelling salesman problem in your spare time. 


If you choose to join the SkyTOP’s Enterprise Information Security Team, your mission will be to ensure that our customers' most precious data remains secure. This is an exciting opportunity in a growing security team where you will get a chance to work in many different security areas ranging from infrastructure security, security architecture and engineering, security operations, incident response, and red teaming. You will also get an opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts and problems with your peers outside the company.



  • Improve SkyTOP’s ability to better protect its environment through design, development, and implementation of security analytics, assessment, and correlation and response systems to effectively use SkyTOP’s security investments
  • Work across operations, incident response, risk and compliance and product security teams to solve critical security problems
  • Research emerging technologies and maintain awareness of current security risks in support of security enhancement and development efforts
  • Evangelize security throughout the enterprise and drive changes needed to respond to emerging threats

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s degree(M.S) in computer science or related field, or Bachelor's degree (B.A.) and equivalent work experience
  • 2-5 years’ experience in relevant field
  • Experience with network and host security monitoring, detection and response tools and capabilities including IDSes, malware sandboxes, log correlation engines, flow collectors, memory forensics, etc
  • Strong programing background in Linux, Windows and Macintosh
  • Knowledge of Network and Internet Architecture
  • Knowledge of developing and debugging C/C++ or Java
  • Knowledge of Javascript frameworks, HTML5, PHP, Bash, Python or Perl
  • Knowledge of RDBS, NoSQL, Hive/Hadoop is a plus
  • Excellent analytical skills, organizational skills, ingenuity and the ability to work as part of a team

Preferred Qualifications

  • Advanced interpersonal skills to effectively promote ideas and collaboration at the various levels of the organization
  • Knowledge of mobile security, including experience implementing security controls
  • Experience working with security vendors, including submitting feature requests, evaluating products and analyzing security functionality of a diverse set of product
  • Experience writing security white papers and/or presenting security products and technologies to diverse audiences
  • Experience with securing cloud environments

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