Who we are

We are a software development and solutions company creating solutions that impact CAD skills.

Who is SkyTOP Technologies?

SkyTOP Technologies Ltd is a company incorporated and registered in Kenya in 2006. Our core business is the development of software solutions for the building and construction industry, the manufacturing industry, and the education sector. Our solutions seek to enhance the adoption and use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software programs by professionals in these sectors (architects, engineering, design, surveying etc), and students and trainers in education and training institutions (high schools, TVETs and universities).

One of our premier products is SkyTOP DemosCAD- a software program built around Autodesk AutoCAD- the most widely used CAD software program in the world. Through SkyTOP DemosCAD, we intend to let professionals and students around the world become passionate and skilled in Autodesk AutoCAD.
About SkyTOP and DemosCAD – The Demonstration Software for AutoCAD
Have you pondered on the yawning gap of disconnect between the abundant availability of what comes as cutting-edge Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, the enormous capabilities of the AutoCAD software, and the limited ability of the user to fully explore and exploit what technology has to offer in value addition? You are not alone.
At SkyTOP Technologies, we passionately focus on enabling students, tutors and lecturers, as well as professionals and those in industry to effectively focus on their core objectives in their various spheres, however diverse, while fully harnessing and leveraging on technology. We derive our satisfaction from knowing that in enabling you to focus on Designing and Creating, we also save your precious time and money that is so scarce given competing priorities. If you have been experiencing the agony of finding the limited credible sources of learning new tools using CAD, then nothing would satisfy us more than to see you unlock your design potential to heights that will amaze you and your audience or clients.
You are trained, and a professional in your discipline – be it Architecture, Design, Engineering, Fashion, Creative Arts, Film, Manufacturing, whatever your core focus. Time is extremely valuable to you, we understand that. Our work is to demonstrate the development in technology in the CAD tools so that you can effectively use them to expertly achieve your objectives within the shortest time possible.
As an Engineer, you are trained to develop. As an Architect or Designer, you are trained to create. You have no time to waste by being compelled to read detailed explanations of technology user guides and the numerous pages of manuals. Such tedious endeavor will likely always be at the expense of your core objective of delivering on time and within agreed parameters set under tight time-lines. No sir, no madam, you have no such luxury of time. Your core vocation comes first, all the time.
Perhaps you are a young student in high school, yearning for a clue in where to focus in a design-based career. With competing subjects and limitations of fast advancing semesters, time is not your friend.
For a student, professional or industry player, one thing is shared – the urge to develop skills without so much weight-loading on time and money, against other beckoning opportunities. At SkyTOP Technologies, our core vocation is to ensure that you acquire the skills in these modern design tools within the shortest time possible. We keep searching for ways to make your focus on your core value addition realizable, and on ensuring that you instantly become well skilled in the use of CAD. You thereby expertly attain effective outcomes in design by using the most advanced tools in CAD with ease, and impressive finesse. We constantly research to be in touch with emerging frontiers in technology, and we are therefore well placed to anticipate new direction in technology that serves you better.
We lead in a niche in which we have no benchmark or trend setter we seek to refer to or to scale up to, as every aspect of the demonstrations we seek to make accessible to you is our original idea, our innovation – with the full ownership and integrity of intellectual property rights belonging to SkyTOP Technologies. This surely must mean something to you, knowing we are not relying on some supplier to first deliver to us what we are offering you. We are the supplier of the solutions for all your skills development needs, we are the solution producers. You are the reason and first point of call from the source of the software solution that we -SkyTOP Technologies- have tediously created with you, the user, in mind.
We employ world-class professionals from all disciplines that use Computer Aided Design (CAD) -Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Environmental Scientists, Designers, Programmers, Software, Platform Developers, among others. At SkyTOP, we spare no effort in seeking, engaging, and retaining the best human resources with skills to deliver the promise in any CAD specialized fields. When we say the solutions we offer will work for you, we mean every word of what we say, since our solutions are developed by the most qualified users of CAD software – Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Designers from all disciplines.
We strenuously interrogate each tool from YOUR perspective – you, the user is our driving motivation that fuels our passion for what we do. We therefore look at a tool from a different perspective – how the tool serves you drives our focus in demonstrating how it works. For instance, we look at each and every tool and command of AutoCAD from the perspective of the Architect, the Engineer (Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronic or Civil) or the surveyor. We also look at the same tool from the perspective of an Interior Designer, Landscape Designer or Fashion Designer, and then model our demonstration to specifically address the specialized perspective of each user.
Our fascination with what works best for you is our unyielding obsession. Bringing technology that empowers you with skills to enable you to unleash your full potential in your core vocation and profession is our unending goal, our satisfaction, the very purpose for what we do. We link up with I.T. gurus in the application of various tools and commands to perfect the solutions that help YOU deliver on your core role. We do this for you.
YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO STRUGGLE. You no longer need to tediously learn and connect how the tools combine to serve you. You no longer have to laboriously browse through a time-consuming three thousand-page manual in an ineffectual endeavor to deliver. Whether you are a fully-fledged Engineering, Architectural, Design professional, or a young mind searching to develop the skills to drive you to your chosen career or profession in the use of CAD, your struggle in mastering the use of complex tools ends in an instant.
In developing AutoCAD, Autodesk’s duty is to deliver a world-beating best-in-its-range CAD software. Autodesk’s duty IS NOT TO TRAIN, or to prepare and disseminate knowledge to users. Autodesk’s core business is DEVELOPMENT, ROLL-OUT and UPGRADING of the world’s leading design software- AutoCAD. This, Autodesk continues to achieve year-after-year with unmatched success and innovative focus in consistently creating and improving the functions of the software.
BUT WHO TRAINS USERS WORLDWIDE on the amazing possibilities available in AutoCAD? Quite simply, there is yet to be, and indeed there will not be enough human resource in the world to adequately meet the demand such training would generate. Not even in the foreseeable future will there be an adequate pool of trainers to match the demand for training services in CAD. This is a fact Autodesk have known in the more than 30 years they have been at the top of their league in design software development. For the user to acquire and enjoy the benefits of AutoCAD, the user needs skills to unravel the wizardry of the tools.
WE ARE NOT TRAINERS, our software does that. If you’re to ask a good trainer to show you how to use Autodesk AutoCAD, he/she would run AutoCAD, click the tool of the software and then carry a task using that tool. He/she would repeat this procedure until you’re able to use all the tools and commands of AutoCAD. In between the good trainer will demonstrate for you some projects carried out using a combination of such tools in AutoCAD.
Now, imagine a software program that does all that (and much more) for you. This is what SkyTOP DemosCAD does. It is a software that among other capabilities lets users of AutoCAD become instantly productive with AutoCAD by demonstrating each and every tool of AutoCAD within an environment similar to that of AutoCAD. In other words, DemosCAD is the ONLY AutoCAD simulator – the only one in the world today.
The interface of SkyTOP DemosCAD is similar to that of Autodesk AutoCAD software - the only difference is in the functionalities; whereas AutoCAD commands and tools let you execute your CAD tasks, DemosCAD on the other hand contains demonstration tools that show you how to work with AutoCAD with ease.
To inspire the user to reach for the stars in exploring the design possibilities, DemosCAD also contains a rich gallery show casing fascinating work created with plain Autodesk AutoCAD including 3D walk-throughs. It also contains sample tutorials that demonstrate how to carry out design projects using AutoCAD and other Autodesk solutions.
By using SkyTOP DemosCAD – whose interface is identical to that of Autodesk AutoCAD, you learn from the same product that you work with. This lets you learn how to work with the tools of AutoCAD without struggling to locate them in Autodesk AutoCAD software.
SO, WHAT ARE YOUR CHALLENGES? WHAT ARE YOUR NEEDS? To support you as you develop the skills to place you among the global experts of AutoCAD, SkyTOP Technologies has a dedicated customer support resource centre where you will find all the answers you have wished were available to propel your skills development.
You also have a unique opportunity of impacting the next upgraded version of DemosCAD by sharing your CAD skills development journey with us. Not only do we take your input seriously; we also regard your success in what you are hoping CAD can do. This is the reason we are vindicated in the passion we have for what we do. What better way than to learn from the product you work with – SkyTOP DemosCAD.
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